Hi, I'm Yifat
Designer and owner of the One Duo Diaper bag brand and mom to David and Rona.
During my first pregnancy with David, like most women before the birth of their child, I received an endless shopping list which included a diaper bag.
As I searched for the ultimate diaper bag, I realized that I was looking for a bag that wouldn't look like a diaper bag but rather function like one, and I couldn't find one. The bags that appealed to my liking weren't designed as diaper bags and didn't look comfortable. The diaper bags that were designed as diaper bags looked comfortable but weren't to my taste.
I decided to design the ultimate diaper bag myself. I wanted it to look phenomenal, be user-friendly and incorporate external compartments for objects that needed to be accessed quickly.
My degree includes being a jewelry designer, I learned the craft of bag making in Florence, with a master who throughout his entire career worked for the world's most renowned bag brands.

I believe that a good product is one that naturally blends into our lives, giving us the feeling that someone really took the time to think about us. Every time I come across first time moms in the street or public park and see them carrying a bag I designed, I watch from the sidelines and get excited that I was able to be a small part of that family's new life.